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    DIR-3 eKYC

    DIR-3 eKYC – Ministry of Corporate Affairs eKYC DIN

    EForm DIR-3 KYC has recently been notified for KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for Directors of all companies. When filing DIR-3 eKYC form the Director would have to provide a unique personal mobile number and personal email address which would both be verified with an OTP code.

    DIR-3 eKYC Filing

    DIR-3 eKYC form would have to be filed by all Directors who have been allotted a DIN on or before 31st March 2018. The date for allotment of DIN can be ascertained from the DIN allotment letter.

    The DIN eKYC form must be filed using the Directors own DSC (Digital Signature) and should be certified by a practising Professional like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary or Cost Accountant.

    Due Date for DIR-3 eKYC or DIN eKYC

    DIR-3 KYC has to be filed annually within 30 days of start of financial year. If DIN eKYC is not completed on or before the due date, the MCA system will automatically deactivate those DINs for which the form is not filed. In such cases, the system will show the message that DIN was deactivated for ‘Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’.

    If a DIN is deactivated for non-filing of DIN eKYC form, it can be reactivated by paying a penalty (to be announced) and by filing DIR-3 eKYC form.

    Penalty for Not Filing DIN eKYC Form

    MCA has disqualified directors of companies that have constantly not filed company annual return for 3 years have recently been disqualified by the MCA.

    Even such Directors who are disqualified by the MCA are required to file DIN eKYC to update their email and phone number on MCA record. Failure to file DIR-3 eKYC form by disqualified Directors will also result in an additional penalty of Rs.5000.

    DIR-3 Form vs DIR-3 eKYC Form

    Form DIR-3 and DIR-3 eKYC will be filed separately:


    One person can have only one DIN.The main purpose of the DIR-3 form is for obtaining Director Identification Number.

    As DIN is automatically issued under SPICe Form with recent changes to the company incorporation process, DIR-3 form is not applicable for obtaining DIN during new company incorporation,

    DIR-3 eKYC

    DIR-3 form is unique and different from new DIR-3 eKYC form . DIR-3 eKYC form is used to complete eKYC procedure every  year. It can be seen from the MCA notification that DIR-3 eKYC form would have to be filed each year as the notification states “MCA would be conducting KYC of Directors of all companies annually through a new eform viz. DIR-3 KYC to be notified and deployed shortly.”

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