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    How to get Business Loan?

      Lot of business do not want equity funding as they do not want to dilute the shares and allow outsiders to have say on running of his business. Lot of business also finds it difficult to get equity funding as their business models are considered ‘Traditional’. Debt Funding is a great way to grow your business as it not only allows you to keep all the decision making to yourself but also ensures that there is no wastage of money.

      Every business, depending on its revenue, profit margin, age has its own distinctive requirement of funds. MaxBusiness-business, through its subject matter experts, helps business of any size (yes, any size!) to raise loans as per distinctive requirement. MaxBusiness-business offers complete range of working capital as well as business loan facilities to help you manage your cash flow .


    What is included in our Business Funding package?

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement Signature
    • Understanding the Loan Requirement in Detail
    • Drafting the Business Proposal for Loan Requirement
    • Forwarding the proposal to Banks/NBFCs
    • Follow up with Banks/NBFCs
    • In Principal Approval
    • Negotiating best terms with Banks/NBFCs
    • Getting Documentation done and Loan Disbursement


    Procedure for Business Funding


    Information Required For Business Funding Plan

    • Information about Loan Requirement
    • Information about Business Operations, Strategy etc.
    • Information asked by MaxBusiness.in in required format
    • Balance Sheet etc. of Company
    • Financial Information like Bank Statement


    Advantages of Business Loan

    No Dilution of Equity at Low Valuation

    Lot of start-ups gets short charged by Fund Houses where in they have to give a large pie of equity for small amount of funds. As a result, neither are they able to raise next round of funds (as they are not left with much equity) nor are they able to grow business. Hence it is better to go for Debt Funds and continue expanding the business.

    Better Credit History

    Like an individual, even a Company has a Credit History and if your business has taken and re-paid loans, the chances are that you will get higher amount of loans at lower rates. It is always advisable to have some amount of loan as it also inculcates financial discipline in an organization.


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    Q. On what basis rates of debt funding is decided?

    Q. Is it mandatory to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before talking to banks about Business Loans?

    Yes, it is very important to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement before sending a business proposal as it contains business information which could be misused.

    Q. What are the types of Bank Loan available?

    There are many types of credit facilities and it is important for the Entrepreneur to choose the right one for his/her business, in consultation with a Financial Expert. Some of the types of Bank Loans available are Term Loans, Cash Credit Facility, Letter of Credit Facility, Corporate Loan, Loan against Property, Loan against Shares, Bank Guarantee, etc.

    Q. What are some of the main factors that determine loan eligibility for Company Registration?

    Some of the main factors that determine the credit eligibility of a business registration are Promoters background, business model, operational performance, infrastructure, location, collateral security offered, present financial Performance, future financial performance, credit repayment track record, external credit rating, etc., The credit decision is based on a composite of the above factors.

    Q. What documents will be submitted to the Banks by a Company Registration for the loan?

    The submission to the banks for a Company Registration will include a Detailed Project Report, Request Letter, Financial Statements, Business Constitution documents and other information pertaining to the credit request. In case, the bank requests for further documents or have a query, we will address the same in association with the client.

    Q. Can I get a bank loan without any Collateral?

    Yes, the credit guarantee fund trust for micro and small enterprises scheme provides a way for entrepreneurs to obtain a bank loan or business loan for new company registration of upto rs.1 crore without any collateral security.

    Q. How long will it take to obtain sanction of bank loan?

    The processing time for obtaining a bank loan is anywhere between 1 and 3 months.

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