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    Trademark Registration in India

    Trademark Registration Process is simple and smooth and TM number is assigned immediately on properly filing Online Trademark online application. A trademark is a visual symbol “brand” or “logo” or “Tag Line” used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services by other entities. For e.g. the logo of Accenture and their tagline ‘Performance Delivered’ is a registered trademark. Through trademark registration, your brand or logo is protected and it also gives credence to your business.

    Once a trademark is registered, the ® symbol can be used and registration will be valid for 10 years. Registered trademarks nearing expiry can be easily renewed by filing a trademark renewal application for a period of another 10 years. We assist you with Trademark Search, category identification, objectionable or prohibited logo or symbol, reply to trademark objection, etc.

    MaxBusiness can assist you in trademark filing services in India, trademark objection reply, trademark opposition, trademark renewal, and patent registration. Trademark Company Name should ideally be the first step soon after Company Registration. Prior to applying for trademark registration, we can help you conduct trademark search as identical or similar or objectionable or prohibited trademarks cannot be registered.

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    What is included in the Trademark Registration Package?

    • Consultation 
    • Trademark Name Search
    • Application Preparation
    • Application Filing (Same Day)
    • Government Fees
    • Status Update


    Procedure for Trademark Registration Service


    Documents Required For Trademark Registration?


    • Authorization Letter as per format
    • Details of Product/Services
    • Image of Logo with description


    Advantages of Trademark


    Legal Protection

    No fake person/company can use your brand or logo which may result in loss of business. Some of the areas where the Trademark is really important includes Hotels, logistics, e-commerce, property, etc. Without Trademark Registration, there is no chance of going to court for any infringement.

    Unique Identity

    No competitor can use the name of your brand if you have Trademark registration done. It helps in giving your brand and Unique Identity and allows your customer to use your product/ services without worrying about using fakes.

    Creation of Asset

    Trademark Registration allows you to create an asset which is trade-able. A classic example of the same is Sony whose brand is valued at a very high. It is also helpful for companies to operate in a franchise model.

    Trustor Goodwill

    Registered Trademark brings a lot of credibilities, goodwill and trust for your business and investors as well as customers starts taking you as a serious player and feels comfortable in doing business with you.


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