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    What is Shareholder Agreement?


      A shareholders Agreement is a very important agreement which fixes the Terms between all the shareholders of the company including co-founders, investors etc. Shareholder Agreement is very important to run the company in a prescribed manner keeping best interest of the company in mind. A Shareholders’ Agreement should be a fool proof document which should state the right and obligation of each shareholders, Transfer of Shares, Valuation Details, and Procedure about running of the company, Board Positions etc. lucidly. MaxBusiness undertakes the job of vetting ESOP Contract starting from Rs 7,499/-.


    What is included in our Shareholders Agreement package?

    • Understanding the requirements
    • Advice on Terms and Conditions to be included
    • Drafting the Shareholders Agreement
    • Incorporate Changes suggested by Client (2 Rounds)


    Procedure for Shareholders Agreement


    Documents Required For Shareholders Agreement?

    • Information about Terms agreed upon
    • Information about Valuation etc.
    • Information asked by MaxBusiness.in in required format


    Advantages of Shareholders Agreement

    Clarity about Running Company

    In many cases it has been seen that Shareholders have fight amongst themselves (as in case of Uber) about running the company and rights and obligations of each one of them. Shareholders agreement, drafted by a professional, brings certain sanity in running the company.

    Comfortable to make Changes

    It is easy for Small enterprises (SME) to make changes in the way if running company, without having to alter the constitution of the company. A small addendum to original Shareholder Agreement would suffice to make any changes in the Shareholder Agreement.



    Q. Can Shareholders Agreement be signed through e-mails?

    Q. Is it mandatory to have Shareholder Agreement printed on Stamp Paper?

    It is advisable to have Shareholder Agreement printed on Bond Paper, if not Stamp Paper.

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