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    What is Founders Agreement?

      A start-up is a very serious business wherein few individuals start working together to realise their collective dreams. But there are instances in Start-Ups when confusion or ego trip comes in, which creates a situation where the whole dream not only falters but also gets in legal tussle. The solution to this a well drafted founders’ agreement. Founders Agreement is a document which covers various aspects of the start-ups and its path ahead.

      A Founders Agreement should include, but not be limited to, following terms such as Investment by Each Founder and its timeline, Salary to be drawn, Intellectual Property Rights, what if a founder leaves the start-up in between either willingly or because of any unfortunate event like death etc. MaxBusiness undertakes the job of drafting Founder Agreement starting from Rs 4,999/-.


    What is included in our founders agreement package?

    • Understanding the requirements
    • Advice on Terms and Conditions to be included
    • Drafting the Founders Agreement
    • Incorporate Changes suggested by Client (2 Rounds)


    Procedure for Founders Agreement Service


    Documents Required For Founders Agreement?

    • Information about Co-founder
    • Information about Strategy and Future Plans
    • Information asked by MaxBusiness.in in required format


    Advantages of Founders Agreement Service

    Safeguard Business Future

    By having Founders Agreement, founders can be rest assured that Business will run as per the plan and achieve the success it deserves and all the co-founder work coherently. A start-up is more important than individual egos.

    Common Point to Start

    Each co-founder can come on same page and discuss all the issues, their commitment, plans and all the issues which normally goes unanswered till it is too late to answer them. In fact, a founders agreement is as important as getting your Company Registration done.


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    Q. Can Founders Agreement be signed through e-mails?

    Q. Is it mandatory to have Founders Agreement printed on Stamp Paper?

    No, it is not mandatory to have Founders Agreement printed in Stamp Paper. You can print it and sign it in bond paper.

    Q. Can Legal Action be taken against the co-founders if they break to comply with Terms and Conditions signed in Founders Contract?

    Yes, a co-founder can be taken to court and be sued against damages etc. caused by his action to organization.

    Q. What are the things which co-founders/start- up needs to keep in mind to draft Founders Agreement?

    A Founder Agreement needs to be drafted by professionals to ensure that no important points are missed. Also, Founder Agreement needs to address few major issues like investment by each founder, full time and part time involvement of co-founders amongst other things.

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