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    Expert Tax Preparation Process

    • Register & upload income documents
    • Interact with our dedicated NRI tax expert
    • Our expert then prepares & shares your tax summary
    • Review, pay online to get I-T filed for processing refund


    NRI Tax Return Advantages

    • Faster refund of taxes which are withheld @30% on your Indian income
    • Secure online platform with services from a qualified expert tax advisor
    • Expert assistance for NRI taxes and PAN card assistance too
    • Proactive advice on your Indian tax liability
    • Year-round access to “My Account Page” from anywhere, anytime
    • Quicker acknowledgement of Income Tax Returns and faster processing of tax refunds if any


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I am a non-resident. Should I file my tax returns in India?


    Q. Do I need to be in India in order to file my returns?


    Physical presence in India is not compulsory for filing returns. You can now e-verify your ITR from anywhere and we provide a detailed guidance for this. You can send the signed copy of ITR-V to the CPC Income Tax Department, Bengaluru. MaxBusiness offers support in this process as well.

    Q. As a non-resident, do I get the benefit of basic exemption?


    Yes, you can get the benefit of basic exemption limit even being a non-resident. But if the income consists of only short term capital gains taxed at a special rate or long term capital gains then benefit of basic exemption limit is not available in respect of such gains.

    Q. Who is called Non-Resident Indian?


    Non-Resident Indian (NRI) means a “person resident outside India” who is either a citizen of India or is a person of Indian origin.

    Q. How to determine the residential status in India?


    The Residential status could be determined by the given chart

    Residential Chart


    • Did you, being an Indian citizen leave India for the purpose of employment outside
      India during the FY, or
    • You, being an Indian citizen or a PIO, came for a visit in India during the FY,
    • You being an Indian citizen leave India as a member of crew of an Indian ship

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