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    Why is Business Plan & Investment Plan Important?

      Business Plan summarizes your vision, passion and hunger for growth. The approximate 30 page documents gives an insight of and your business growth potential (and your potential) to investors such as Venture Capitalist, Angel Funds, HNIs, Banks, NBFCs amongst others. Typically an investor has 10 minutes to evaluate potential of a start-up or business and it is up to you to Rock the presentation. A well drafted Business Plan ensures that you have an advantage over other businesses and start-ups vying for same pie of fund.

      Business Plan should include details about Competition, Product, USP of Business, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Plan, Financial Strategy, Technology, Market Sizing, Exit for Investors, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss Statement etc. The beauty of Business Plan is that it helps an entrepreneur to think about nuances of business which he might have ignored in the process of getting product ready. Business Plan differs for debt funding (which is more Cash Flow Based and are offered by NBFC and Banks) and Equity funding (which talks more about growth potential of business and are offered by Venture Capital Funds etc.). At MaxBusiness-business, we understand your business idea in detail and spend time to come out with a Business Plan which definitely gives you a head start to raise funds.


    What is included in our Business & Investment Plan package?

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement Signature
    • Understanding the Business in Detail
    • Understand the requirement for fund (equity or debt)
    • Understand broad vision of company
    • Understand the nuances of their business model
    • Understand the operation plan and strategy
    • Discuss about any ideas we have about your Business Plan
    • Draft the Business Plan
    • Incorporate Changes suggested by Client (6 Rounds)


    Procedure for Business & Investment Plan


    Information Required For Business & Investment Plan

    • Information about Business Model
    • Information about Business Operations, Marketing etc.
    • Information asked by MaxBusiness in required format
    • Balance Sheet etc. of Company
    • Financial Information like Bank Statement


    Advantages of Business & Investment Plan

    Equity Funding and Debt Funding

    Funding, either equity or debt, is an important factor to grow any business. An entrepreneur needs to present or send Business Plan to Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, HNIs, Banks, NBFCs and a well-made Business Plan ensures high probability of getting fund.

    Business Strategy

    An MNC or Start-up, all needs a strategy which should be revisited every 6 months (or so). Getting a business plan made ensures that you revisit each aspect of your business and tweak any one of them to improve business parameters like revenue and profitability.


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    Q. Does Business Plan for Debt or Equity Differs?

    Q. Is it mandatory to have Service Level Agreement printed on Stamp Paper?

    No, it is not mandatory to have Service Level Agreement printed in Stamp Paper. You can print it and sign it in normal paper.

    Q. Is it mandatory to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before sending Business Plan to an investor?

    Yes, it is very important to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement before sending a business plan as it has business information which could be misused.

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