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    What is Term Sheet?


      Term Sheet is the most critical agreement for any company, be it an established organization or a start-up. Term Sheet is drafted mainly before a company has to raise an investment, be it debt or equity. Term sheet is basically a gist of all the negotiations with Terms and Conditions drafted. Term Sheet should ideally be signed after the negotiation is finished and Terms & Conditions agreed upon, as detailed Share purchase Agreement takes more time for proof reading and other negotiations.

      A Term Sheet should include, but not be limited to, following items such as funds committed, valuation, shares to be sold, quantity, pre-emption, due diligence timeline, validity etc. MaxBusiness undertakes the job of drafting Term Sheet starting from Rs 5,999/-.


    What is included in our Term Sheet package?

    • Understanding the requirements
    • Advice on Terms and Conditions to be included
    • Drafting the Term Sheet
    • Incorporate Changes suggested by Client (2 Rounds)


    Procedure for Term Sheet


    Documents Required For Term Sheet?

    • Information about Terms agreed upon
    • Information about Valuation etc.
    • Information asked by MaxBusiness.in in required format


    Advantages of Term Sheet

    Clarity on Terms

    By having Term Sheet, co-founders and investors can easily have access to all the Terms and Conditions agreed upon succinctly. This saves a lot of time while drafting Shareholder Agreement as they can revisit the terms in which there is contention

    Saves time

    Term Sheet not only saves time in getting finally agreement signed but it also saves a lot of critical time for the organization as they can start working on business expansion as soon as Term Sheet is signed and agreed upon.



    Q. Can Term Sheet be signed through e-mails?

    Q. Is it mandatory to have Term Sheet printed on Stamp Paper?

    No, it is not mandatory to have Term Sheet printed in Stamp Paper. You can print it and sign it in bond paper or normal paper.

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