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    GST Registration for Foreign Non-Resident Taxpayer

      Goods and Services Tax or GST has been implemented in India from 1st July, 2017 and non-resident taxpayers are also required to obtain GST registration and file GST returns. Foreign non-resident taxpayers are mandatorily required to obtain GST registration in India if they supply goods or services to residents in India. According to the GST Act, “non-resident taxable person” means any person who occasionally undertakes transactions involving supply of goods or services or both, whether as principal or agent or in any other capacity, but who has no fixed place of business or residence in India. Further, all non-resident taxable persons are required to appoint an authorised person in India for the purpose of complying with GST regulations.

      Non-resident taxpayers are required to obtain GST registration as a Non-Resident Foreign Taxpayer 5 days prior to the undertaking business in India. An application for GST registration for foreign non-resident taxable person must be made through an authorised agent in India. Once, an application for GST registration is filed, a transaction number would be generated. Using the transaction number, GST deposit must be made by the taxpayer to obtain GST registration in India.

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    Registration Requirements

      Prior to beginning the process for applying for GST registration, foreign businesses or foreign applicants must identify a person in India to act as its authorised representative for GST compliance and obtain PAN in India for the foreign entity (optional). As per GST rules, the application for GST registration made by a non-resident taxable person should be signed by his authorized signatory who shall be a person resident in India having a valid PAN. Hence, once the authorised signatory is engaged, Indian GST registration process can be started for non-resident taxable persons.

      To apply for GST registration as a non-resident taxable person, application must be submitted in FORM GST REG-09. GST registration is PAN based for regular taxpayers. However, in the case of non-resident taxable persons, the GST registration application can be submitted with a tax identification number or unique number on the basis of which the entity is identified by the Government of that country or its PAN, if available.


    GST Deposit

      GST Deposit for Non-Resident Taxable PersonsNon-resident taxable persons and casual taxable persons under GST are required to remit a deposit for GST registration. The amount of deposit for GST registration would equal the expected tax liability during the validity of the registration. Further, in case a non-resident taxable person requests for extension of GST registration, then tax must be deposited in advance based on the expected tax liability of the extension period. (Know more about deposit required for GST registration).Once, the GST registration application is filed by a non-resident taxable person, a application reference number would be generated for payment of advance tax. On payment of tax, the electronic cash ledger of the taxpayer is credited and GST registration certificate is provided.


    Validity of GST Registration for Non-residents

      GST registration for non-resident taxable persons are provided with a validity period (Normally 90 days and renewable). The validity period would be based on the request of the taxable person and amount of GST deposit remitted. If a non-resident taxable person intends to extend the validity period of GST registration, an application can be made in FORM GST REG-11 before the end of the validity of registration.


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