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    Why MSME Registration?


    Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Registration or MSME Registration or Small Scale Industry (SSI) Registration or Udyog Aadhar Registration is the latest focus area of Government of India (and across the globe). The major advantage of MSME/SSI Registration is that government offers many a subsidies, tax rebates and sops to MSMEs. There are lot of areas of MSME Registration Benefits.


    Udyog Aadhar Registration / MSME registration is not a mandatory requirement but it is really helpful for micro, small and medium enterprises because of huge advantages. Procedure and Documents required for Online Udyog Aadhar Application are very simple and you can obtain MSME registration in 1 hour.


    MaxBusiness can help you with MSME Registration in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai & other Indian cities to avail a host of benefits. The cost for MSME Registration in Delhi starts from Rs. 2,000/-.

    What is included in our MSME registration package?

    • Government Registration Fees
    • Application Preparation
    • Submission of Documents to MSME registrar
    • Obtain MSME certificate

    Procedure for MSME/Udyog Aadhar Registration Service

    Documents Required For MSME/SSI Registration?

    • Information required in format provided by MaxBusiness
    • Authority letter signed
    • Information about business

    Advantages of MSME Registration


    Government Grants

    MSME are entitled to various grants, tax rebates, sops from Government and it makes sense for any company to explore this path as well.



    Government, under its various schemes, launches various schemes wherein small businesses are able to get loans at very minimal costs which helps to expand their business.



    Big Corporates wary to do business? More credibility with Clients while doing business with MSME registration.



    There is no routine compliances for MSME registration and once the registration is done, you can avail the benefits till certificate is valid.


    Q. What is validity of provisional registration certificate (PRC) for MSME registration?


    Q. Will MSME registration helps in getting loans from Bank?


    MSME registration helps a company to avail loan schemes especially through PSB’s as Private Sector Banks prefer MSME registered company for offering loans.

    Q. What documents are required for MSME Registration of a Firm Registration?


    Aadhar Card Copy and Mobile Number linking with the aadhar card is required for MSME
    Registration of a Firm Registration.

    Q. What benefits are given to MSME registration by state and central government?


    State government prefers enterprises which are registered under MSME registration act. Subsidy
    such as on power, taxes, and much more is offered by state governments.

    Q. What is the validity of a MSME Registration?


    MSME Registration is first provided as a Provisional Registration Certificate with a validity
    of 5 years. Once, the unit has commenced production, a Permanent Registration Certificate
    is issued which is valid for lifetime of the entity.

    Q. What is a Small Enterprise under the MSME Registration Act?


    A Small Enterprise under MSME Registration in the manufacturing sector is an enterprise
    with more than Rs. 25 lakhs but not exceeding Rs. 5 crores of investment in plant &
    machinery. A Small Enterprise in the service sector is an enterprise with more than Rs. 10
    lakhs but not exceeding Rs. 2 crores of investment in plant & machinery.

    Q. What are some of the benefits of MSME Registration?


    MSME Registration has a range of benefits implemented as subsidies, schemes and incentives. Enterprises registered with the MSMED Act enjoy interest rate concession and their borrowing is classified under Priority Sector Lending.

    Q. What if my Enterprises crosses the investment threshold of the MSME registration Act?


    If the business grows and investments more than Rs.10 crores in plant and machinery in case of manufacturing entity and more than Rs.5 crores in plant and machinery in case of service entity, the enterprise should apply for de-registration.

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