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  • DPT-3- One Time Return- FAQs

    DPT 3 Company Annual filing by MaxBusiness

    DPT-3- One Time Return- FAQs

    1. Whether Auditor Certificate Required in One Time Return? In case the company has only

    Name of Company or LLP by maxbusiness

    Acceptable Name for Company or LLP

     As per Companies Act, 2013 or LLP act, 2008 is one of the most important

    inc 22a faq


    Following FAQs are drafted for simple understanding of Form INC 22A, its applicability, implication and

    Director Disqualification By Maxbusiness

    Removal of Director Disqualification

    D MCA had disqualified around 3.09 lakh directors that failed to comply with the regulations

    inc 22a by Maxbusiness

    Form INC-22A Active Form

    1. What is Form INC – 22A? The MCA has introduced the form for validating

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